Use Cases

Attach a ChippedArt tag to the reverse of the canvas of your original art creation. Future purchasers will be secure in knowing that it is an original work. The associated digital contents could consist of creation videos, thought processes etc further adding additional value to the piece. A resale contract or covenant could form part of an uploaded documentation pack. This could mandate that a percentage of all future resale income should be paid back to you, the creator.

Attach a tag to each reprint of your work, assuring the buyer it is genuine.

Physical items can have a tag attached internally. Purchasers can check the authenticity of the item by scanning the tag.

Locate Tags on unique items that may have an active resell market. Include a digital contract that mandates a percentage of each sale must be paid to the original creator. Thus providing a way to license physical items.

Creator EXPerience

  1. Sign up to ChippedArt
  2. Receive a starter pack consisting 2 physical tags, and a NEAR blockchain account
  3. Secure the tag to your artistic piece (painting, street art, sculpture etc) that you wish to claim rights over, or create provenance
  4. Read the tag with your mobile phone
  5. Choose whether to encrypt the picture and documentation, causing it only to be viewable after a physical scan.
  6. Take a picture of your creation
  7. Type in a description
  8. Add documentation you want to digitally accompany the art piece
  9. Press Commit. You have successfully created a perpetual record on the blockchain and associated it with your art.

explorer experience

  1. Hold your mobile phone within 2cm of the ChippedArt tag
  2. All art details and documentation are now displayed on the phone


When you commit details of your art, the following sequence of events occur:

  1. The picture, description and supporting documents you have chosen to associate with your art piece are uploaded to a distributed, block chain backed filing system, ARWeave. This system has no central point of storage; it is “a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets”.
  2. The location of the various digital representations of your art are bought together in another file that is also uploaded. The Metadata.
  3. The Metadata location is then encoded into a modern, distributed blockchain, NEAR Protocol, via a ‘Smart Contract’, creating what is commonly known as an NFT, this forms an immutable record. One that can be assigned to someone else, or deleted by you, but never altered. You are always visible as the creator in perpetuity.


Non Fungible Token. From Wikipedia, an NFT is defined thus: “A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable”

Each specific blockchain has it’s own standard of NFT. We use the NEAR blockchain, which is a latest generation implementation standing on the shoulders of giants like BITCOIN and ETHEREUM


A blockchain is a technological advance that enables, for the first time in history, information to be stored, immutably in a distributed system that is not controlled by any single individual or entity. Data to be stored on the chain is bundled into blocks, these blocks are then verified by miners. Often the block contains some instructions to execution a program, contract, that has been previously stored on the chain. This is also performed by Miners.

Miners are rewarded either for contributing processing power (proof of work) or for putting down a deposit that could be lost if they are dishonest (proof of stake). If a miner successfully processes a block, their work is checked by other miners. This peer checking keeps the chain secure. A representation of the previous block of data mined is then woven into the next block. This inter-linking can be easily checked to ensure the chain (which is held in many places at once), and thus the data stored within is secure and accurate.

ChippedArt does not use the Bitcoin or Ethereum chain for several reasons; not the least being the fact that both chains are expensive to transact on, and utilise an immense amount of power, contributing to environmental damage.


Near Field Communication is used extensively in our day to day lives, it is primarily used on phones for making contactless payments. The tag that you obtain from ChippedArt and attach to your creation has been programmed with a unique encryption key, that is known only to the ChippedArt Authentication server. When someone taps the Tag attached to your creation, the Tag powers up and sends a unique URL (web address) to your phone. This web address goes to the authentication server. It carries with it your Tag ID and some information encrypted to Military grade standards. The authentication server then decrypts the message and uses the details to indirectly query the blockchain for details of your art. It then returns the information that you chose to attach to your art.